WOOFWEAR Club Brushing Boots

WOOFWEAR Club Brushing Boots

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The Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots provide maximum protection from knocks or brushing injuries to the legs.

The main uses of brushing boots are for general day to day riding, schooling, lunging, turnout or really for any other use that you consider them to be sufficient protection for the lower leg. Brushing boots have been created to protect the opposite leg should the hoof and shoe knock against it.

Brushing boots fit below the knee or hock and cover the cannon bone and fetlock joint. Made from 5.5 mm closed cell neoprene the Woof Wear Club brushing boots are lightweight and flexible even when wet as they do not retain water. For extra protection the hard wearing strike pad on the Woof Wear Club brushing boots has added padding and recessed stitching for longer life