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Hairy Pony Fake it

Hairy Pony Fake it

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Synthetic mane enhancement for braiding and plaiting horses with think or rubbed out manes.


1. Divide the section of mane into 3 parts

2. Hold up the middle section of mane and place the middle section of FAKE IT underneath ensuring it is firmly against the base of the neck.

3. Using the fastening scissors clamp together the middle section of Mane and the m idle section of FAKE IT at the base of neck.

4. Hold each section of FAKE IT with the third of Mane hair and plait tightly to the desired length

5. Finish by securing the end of plait with elastic or thread and cutting off nay excess FAKE IT

6. Undo fastening scissors and remove from plait

7. Stitch or band your rosette style as normal.


X5 in pack.

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