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Marlborough Equestrian Barn

Head To Hoof Healing Spray

Head To Hoof Healing Spray

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New Zealand made and developed high quality wound spray with ALL NATURAL properties.
This Healing spray has great anti-inflammatory properties so is good for all bumps and bruises.
Witch hazel is amazing for horses with a variety of uses.
It can be used as a liniment to sooth sore 
muscles and don't be afraid to use this on your own sore muscles after a ride!! 

Can be rubbed directly inside the ears to reduce any itch from bites as we've added in lemongrass to keep those pesky bugs away.
With the powerful and cleansing properties of myrrh is used to regenerate tissue to speed healing.

Mixed with apricot oil for skin nourishment and nature's own first aid hero, lavender, as an antiseptic and pain reliever.

Size: 500ml

Made in New Zealand

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